Friday - May 22, 2015

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Competency Management
& Development System


The Competency Management and Development System is designed to provide a comprehensive competency based approach to ensure workers understand their specific job requirements and provide a credible record of achieved skills. The system is designed to be competency based, on-line, skill profile oriented and third party audited to meet the requirements of due diligence.

The competencies are developed by workers in industry to reflect the work they do within their facility. Because it is experienced workers who develop the competencies, it ensures they are relevant and acceptable to the workplace.

Evaluation of employee competency is based on self assessment, prior learning assessment and a subject matter expert validation of work. Training needs identified by the competency assessment process can be fulfilled with remedial training available at all times using the online based training materials, or other instructor lead seminars and training. It addresses industry-related training as well as other workplace skills, such as communication, computer literacy and interpersonal relations.

Currently the system serves about 5,000 employees and contractors across Canada, in nearly 100 major energy companies -- including several multinationals. The program has been accepted by several post-secondary institutions, with Certificate and Diploma development led by Lakeland College.