System Overview

CMDS provides a comprehensive competency-based approach to ensure workers understand their specific job requirements and provide a credible record of achieved skills. It is oriented around skills and profiles, and audited by third-parties to ensure due diligence requirements are met.

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System Features

Here are just a few of things you can do with CMDS.


CMDS maintains a comprehensive database of job-related competencies that are used to create profiles for various occupations.

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CMDS provides a competency-based approach by tracking worker competence and by deliverying job-specific training.

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CMDS is recognized by several post-secondary institutions, granting academic credentials based on validated competencies.

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Why Choose CMDS

CMDS enables employees and employers to plan and deliver training more effectively, when and where it is most convenient. CMDS assists with various corporate activities, including vacation, succession, and career-planning.

As always it has been a pleasure working with your team over the last 12 months. You continue to offer outstanding customer service and support. Your professionalism, attention to detail, timely responses and personable friendly staff put you above the competition. I could not do this without you!
– Amy Tetz, Safety Training Coordinator, Ember Resources Inc.

Line of Sight

  • Organizations are able to assess the knowledge and skill of their workforce and determine training needs
  • Extending beyond competency tracking, CMDS offers comprehensive eLearning content that can aid in employee development and training
  • Required certification (i.e. First Aid training, and H2S training), as well as mandatory reading (i.e. COP's, SOP's, and SSOP's) are also tracked and assigned through CMDS
  • Real time reporting allows for quick access and evaluation of employee training, competency, and overall compliance
  • Easily administered in-house, CMDS is accurate and reliable

The Competency Management and Development system (CMDS) provides a "line of sight" tool to measure, track, and prove competency, visible online, to all levels of supervisors. In existence for 17+ years, CMDS has established a competency library of over 4,000 competencies used to form job profiles that encapsulate job roles in the Oil and Gas sector.

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Comprehensive Training

  • Online web based system, available through any internet connection, and accessible 24/7
  • Competencies have been developed by industry Subject-Matter-Experts and training consultants
  • Competencies are linked to specific eLearning training resources (modules) that include the information (knowledge) the competency is measuring
  • Track and store other company specific documentation (Codes of Practice (COPs), Safe Operating Practices (SOPs) and Training Guides)
  • Track the status of worker "Time Sensitive Safety Certificates" such as First Aid, H2S, WHMIS etc., which may be required for the worker to work in the industry

The Competency Management and Development System (CMDS) is designed to provide a comprehensive competency based approach to training by measuring and tracking worker competence and by providing relevant specific training.

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College Recognized

  • Certification is equivalent to attending a one year day time program at the college
  • Certification can be applied to the Petroleum Management Diploma
  • FPHO eLearning course prepares individuals to successfully challenge the ABSA Fired Process Heater Operator examination
  • FPHO eLearning course is approved by Alberta regulatory agencies (ABSA and Alberta Municipal Affairs)
  • FPHO eLearning course addresses the training requirements for fired heaters which are used extensively throughout Western Canada

The system's data (worker self-assessments and validations) is not only audited by industry Subject-Matter-Experts (SMEs) but also by college representatives, as workers are able to receive certification through Lakeland College in Alberta when they complete eligible profiles. CMDS also includes a Fired Process Heater Operator (FPHO) eLearning course which was developed to address the need to provide workers in industries using “fired heaters” with the knowledge to be able to safely operate and to recognize the hazards associated with operating fired heaters.

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Two-Step Process

  • Two-step process allows for initial self-assessment to be done without external pressure or influence
  • Workers are given the opportunity to indicate if and when they feel they would benefit from additional training
  • Validation of the self-assessment, allows the assigned validator to either agree or disagree with the worker's self-assessment
  • Validation is done by a certified validator, someone that has successfully completed the CMDS Validator Training
  • Validators are Subject-Matter-Experts in their field (have industry experience and hold certification) and are validated in the profile they will be validating

CMDS uses a two-step validation process whereby the workers first independently self-assess on each competency, followed by a validation of the self-assessment.

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