The Competency Management system uses online software for assessment and data management, developed by the CMDS project team together with end-users. The system maintains a comprehensive database of job-related competencies that are used to create profiles for various occupations.

Workers access their personal job competencies from any internet connection and complete the self assessments. The worker examines their own training, experience, and currency to determine whether they "can independently complete the job correctly and safely" or need training. Their self assessments are then validated by their supervisor or a third party subject matter expert, who will acknowledge competency or recommend training.

Validators must successfully complete the Validator Course and be recognized as subject matter experts in the areas that they are assessing.

An expiry term can be assigned to competencies that are considered critical. Just prior to expiry the employee and their supervisor will be notified so that training and re-assessment can be planned.

The employee competency data reports are available to the employer to help develop personal development plans which may include formal instruction, on the job training, or review of current practices.

The reporting and notification functions allow employees and employers to effectively plan training when and where it is most convenient. The data available to the employers assists with corporate planning to manage vacation, succession, and career planning.