Competency Development

The Competency Management and Development System (CMDS) is designed to provide a comprehensive competency based approach to training by measuring and tracking worker competence and by providing relevant specific training. The system is an on-line web based system that is available through any internet connection; therefore accessible 24/7. The system's data (worker self-assessments and validations) is not only audited by industry Subject-Matter-Experts (SMEs) but also by college representatives as workers are able to receive certification through Lakeland College in Alberta and Northern Lights College in British Columbia when they complete eligible profiles. The certification is equivalent to attending a one year day time program at the college.

Workers in the system are assigned job profiles (often referred to as occupational profiles such as Field Operator, Gas Plant Operator, Gas Plant Electrician, Pipeline Operator etc.) that include both generic and site specific competencies and are assigned one or more Validators. The competencies describe the knowledge and skills the competency statement is designed to measure and have been developed by industry SMEs and training consultants. Often attached to the competencies are specific eLearning training resources (modules) that include the information (knowledge) the competency is measuring. In some circumstances, the eLearning is assigned to the worker in which case they must pass an associated quiz before they can sign-off the competency.

Step two is the validation of the self-assessment, whereby the assigned validator either agrees or disagrees with the worker's self-assessment.

  • If the self-assessment indicates "Yes competent" and the Validator agrees, the Validator assesses "competent" and gives a reason why.

  • If the validator disagrees that the worker is competent, the Validator assesses "Needs Training" and indicates why. The validator then meets with the worker and sets-up the training.

  • If the self-assessment indicates "Needs Training" and the Validator agrees, the Validator assesses "Needs Training", gives a reason why, and meets with the worker to setup the training.

  • If the validator disagrees that the worker needs training, the Validator meets with the worker and discusses the 'needs training' self-assessment. As a result of the discussion, training is either agreed to and scheduled or if not required, the worker go back into the system and re-assesses as competent.